peer assessment

Peer Scholar – Overview

Peer Scholar is a peer evaluation tool. This article provides an overview of the different types of evaluation activity that you can build in Peer Scholar and what the workflow process looks like for students.

Peer Scholar – Get Started

Peer Scholar is a peer evaluation tool which is currently available via Blackboard. This article provides an introduction to Peer Scholar, including factors to consider before choosing to use Peer Scholar and guidance on initial set up.

Case Study: Buddycheck

Tom Rodgers has used a number of approaches to managing peer assessment and group work. In this case study, Tom tells us about his experience with Buddycheck and the benefits of the using Buddycheck.

How can you use formative feedback to help your students?

Giving our students feedback can have a profound impact on how they learn and how they feel about their studies. It is arguably one of the most important things we can do to help our students improve their performance in summative assessment (Broadfoot & Black 2004). Yet it is easy to brush past the practical […]