Canvas Essentials: Quizzes

This article will compare Canvas Quizzes to Blackboard Tests. This is not intended to be a training piece; it is an overview of the features, giving you some ideas on how Canvas compares to Blackboard. Quizzes can be created in Canvas to support assessment and feedback. Quizzes can be used for formative and summative assessments […]

Canvas: Project Timeline

The CLE project team and IT Services have been working together to undertake the necessary analysis and design work to implement Canvas by Instructure as our replacement for Blackboard Learn at The University of Manchester. This page clarifies the updated timeline for the project

Canvas Essentials: Studio

Canvas Studio is a tool for uploading and sharing video content inside Canvas. Studio also has a built-in screen recording tool so you can create video messages, podcasts or any other screen recording within the tool itself. Both students and teaching staff have access to Studio. As you’d expect, Studio allows users to upload videos […]

What is Slate? 

Slate is a new course unit information management system, intended to replace the existing course unit information publishing system called CUIP. Designed and developed in FSE by James Marsh and Steve Pettifer.