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How to attach a feedback file to a Turnitin submission

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This video shows step-by-step instructions on how to attach a feedback file to a Turnitin submission. This can be achieved either during marking by adding a link to the document in the Feedback Studio, or by attaching the file as a link or downloadable file to the submission via the Grade Center. 

Video Contents 

  • Attach feedback file via Feedback Studio: 00:00:00 > 00:00:29 
  • How students view files via Feedback Studio: 00:00:30 > 00:00:48 
  • Attach feedback file via the Grade Center: 00:00:49 > 00:01:36 
  • How students view files in ‘My Marks’: 00:01:37 > 00:01:51 

Quick Steps

Attach a feedback file to a Turnitin submission during marking 

  • Save file to online location
  • Copy the link to the file
  • In Feedback Studio click on Feedback Summary
  • In the Text Comment box add your file as a hyperlink using the Insert Link option 

Attach a feedback file to a submission via the Grade Centre

  • Find the relevant student submission
  • In the dropdown menu, click on View Mark Details
  • Click on Edit Mark button
  • In the Feedback to Learner box either add your link to a file saved online as a hyperlink within the text or expand the editor by clicking on More. Click on Add Content, this will allow you to attach a file saved on your local machine
  • Click Save when done

Check out Turnitin Frequently Asked Questions for links to staff guidance and resources.