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How to set up a Turnitin assignment

This video shows step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Turnitin assignment.

Quick Step

  • In the relevant content area go to the Build content menu and select Turnitin Assignment (current).
  • Give the assignment a title and add any instructions into the box below.
  • Set the point value for the assignment in the Max Grade box.
  • Set the Start Date, Due Date and Feedback release date and times.
  • Click Optional settings to expand the section.
  • Choose to Submit papers to the Standard paper repository, unless there are valid reasons for not doing so.
  • Choose whether to Allow submissions of any file type. Please see the Online Submissions: Supported Files article for more information on supported file types.
  • Choose whether to Allow late submissions.
  • Choose to Enable anonymous marking.
  • Enable Attach a rubric to select an existing rubric or create a new one. See the following article for further guidance: How to create and attach a rubric or grading form in Turnitin.
  • Enable all the three sources under Compare against.
  • Under Similarity Report, choose how to Generate Similarity Reports for student submission. This setting will determine whether students can submit once or multiple times before the deadline.
  • Allow students to view Similarity Reports must be disabled.
  • Choose whether to exclude bibliographic materials, quoted materials or small sources.
  • If submissions are based on a template, you can upload a copy of the template and choose to Exclude assignment template from being considered when generating similarity reports.
  • You can choose to save your settings for future assignments under Additional settings.  
  • Click the Submit button when done. 

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