Assessment & Marking

How to add audio or video feedback when marking in Blackboard

This video shows you how to add audio or video feedback when marking an assignment in Blackboard. Watch for step-by-step instructions on how to access the correct tool to add audio and/or video feedback directly to a submission, how to record and how to attach the recording.

‘Quick Steps’

  • In the Grade Centre, locate the relevant student and assignment column and click on the grey chevron to access the dropdown menu
  • Click on Attempt
  • Expand the marking panel by clicking on the small chevron in the blue section just underneath the attempt box
  • Below the feedback to learner box click on the Full content editor icon
  • Within the content editor panel, click on the plus symbol Add content icon
  • You should see Insert from webcam as one of the first options. Ensure your external microphone and/or webcam are plugged in – you can set these up by clicking on the Settings icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Choose whether to add video by either selecting or deselecting the Camera icon at the bottom of the recording panel
  • When you are ready to record click the Red recording button, you will get a 5 second countdown and a timer to let you know how long you have been recording for
  • You can Pause or click the red Stop recording button when finished
  • Click Save and Exit, and then give the recording a name before clicking Insert Recording
  • Click Submit in the content editor panel. You will see the recording appear in the Feedback to Learner box – students will be able to access this once released. Students can stream this type of feedback to their devices but will not be able to download it.