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Monitoring none-submitters using a Performance Smart View

The guide below looks at how to create a Performance Smart View to identify students who have not submitted for a particular assignment once a deadline has passed.

  • In Blackboard make sure Edit mode is switched ON.
  • Go to Control Panel>Gradecentre>Full Gradecentre
  • Above the Gradecentre choose the menu option Manage and then select Smart Views
  • A new window will open with a list of any existing smart views. Above the list of Smart Views click on the button Create Smart View.
  • In the Create Smart View window. Give the Smart View a Name eg. Blackboard Project – None-Submitters.
  • Add a tick to the checkbox Add as Favorite

In the Selection Criteria section enter data as follows:

  1. Type of View select Performance
  2. Select Criteria in the User Criteria field, use the dropdown menu to select the relevant Gradecentre column for the assignment you want to create the smart view for.
  3. Condition change to Status Equals.
  4. Value choose Not Attempted (this should capture none submissions).

Filter Results: Choose Selected Columns Only and then from the dropdown list pick the appropriate Gradecentre column.

  • Finally choose Submit to save the Smart View.

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