Assessment & Marking

Managing Smart Views

A smart view provides a filtered view of Blackboard Gradecentre. The guide below looks at how to manage an existing smart view.

Adding or removing a Smart View menu shortcut

To add the smart view as a shortcut menu link:

  • In Blackboard make sure Edit mode is switched ON.
  • Go to Control Panel>Gradecentre>Full Gradecentre
  • Choose Manage>Smart Views
  • Next in the Smart View window, select the tick box next to the relevant Smart View.
  • Check the Add as a Favorite column. A green star indicates that the smart view already has a menu shortcut.
  • To add a menu link, click the star to it changes to green then scroll down and choose Ok to apply changes.
  • Alternatively to remove a menu shortcut, click the green star to deselect it, then choose Ok to apply changes.

Editing a Smart view

If you need to make changes to a Smart View

  • Ensure Edit Mode is switched ON in the Blackboard space.
  • Go to Control Panel>Gradecentre>Full Gradecentre.  Then choose Manage>Smart Views
  • Open the relevant smart view from the list.  Make changes as needed and then Submit to apply changes.

Further resources:

An Introduction to Smart Views (what is a smart view, different types of smart view and example uses)