Blended Learning Guidance Study Skills

Helping students to study effectively

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The FSE Teaching & Learning Enhancement Leads, Library student interns and James Brooks, Academic Lead for Pedagogy, have put together guidance for all students in the faculty on how to study effectively. This is mainly targeted at new students but might be useful for students in all years. If you teach 1st year students or are an academic advisor it might be useful to watch the videos and discuss these with your students.

In addition, there are three handouts you could make available to help your students explore how they can study effectively:

Some disciplines are modifying or tailoring the material to their area but this material is written to be relevant to all FSE programmes whether your course is making use of pre-existing video resources or using more traditional lecturing. If you want to see the specific guidance given within your discipline contact your TLEL (Teaching & Learning Enhancement Leads) or DHoE.

Effective Learning Part 1

Effective Learning Part 2

Effective Learning Part 3

Student Team Tips for Time Management