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Microsoft 365 for Teaching and Learning

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This page is to provide an overview of some of the Microsoft Office 365 (MS365) tools available and how they can be used to enhance teaching and learning activities. As these tools are further rolled out and updated we will add content as we learn more. Teaching Academy would be really interested to hear from staff willing to share their experiences of using these tools to support teaching and learning, you can contact Teaching College by emailing FSEteachingcollege@staff.manchester.ac.uk.

MS365 is a suite of tools combining familiar Office applications such as Word, ExcelPowerPoint and the collaboration platform Microsoft Teams, as well as new apps such as Forms and interactive media design tool Sway. This suite of apps allows for integration of content creation and delivery for both online and face to face teaching, which is especially useful as the University moves towards a flexible learning approach. 

MS365 is available to all staff and students at the University and can be accessed from any device at any time. For general information on how to access, set up and access MS365 training, head over to the IT services page hereThese apps are supported by IT, so send a ticket with any technical issues you encounter to the support portal here.

​​​​​​​To help our staff and researchers become familiar with M365 applications, such as SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive, there is a collection of useful training resources and links to the M365 Digital Champions community on this SharePoint site. Students are welcome to view any video content available for top tips – however please note that this site is primarily a resource for staff and researchers.

To get started, watch this ‘Introduction to Microsoft 365 for University Staff’ recording of a live session from Hable for an overview of how you can use MS365 tools for collaboration, communication, integration, accessibility and well-being. If you are interested in a particular tool, scroll down to the dropdown menus below this video for more specific information, using the tools for teaching and learning, guidance and support.