Blended Learning Guidance

Planning your blended learning course unit

You’ve been asked to complete a blended learning template for your course unit – the material here gives some practical advice and information that will enable you to structure and design your teaching, learning and assessment activities in a blended format. 

  • What is this? Guidance and templates to support you in preparing a plan for converting your course to blended-online teaching. This guidance focuses on replacing lectures and practice activities (there is separate guidance for labs and assessment). 
  • Who is this for? These materials are mainly aimed at unit leaders who will be designing the changes to the courses, but are also useful for programme directors and anyone who will be teaching on these units.
  • How long should this take? We hope you can go through the core of the material in less than a day.

Part 1: What is different with blended learning?

Part 2: Setting expectations and building community

Part 3: Planning content and activities

In addition, one of the best ways of learning how to enhance your online teaching skills is to become an online learner yourself. We recommend these short, self-paced online courses. However, please go through the Faculty materials outlined above first, as we want to ensure our students get a consistent experience where possible.

OpenLearn: Take your teaching online (24 hours’ study)
FutureLearn: How To Teach Online: Providing Continuity for Students (6 hours’ study)
Coursera: Learning to Teach Online (17 hours’ study)