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How to create and attach a rubric in Blackboard

This video shows you how to create a new rubric, with step-by-step instructions on how to add criterion, choose the rubric type (no points/ feedback only, points, points range, percent or percent range), and adding points and a description for each level of achievement.

‘Quick Steps’

  • Expand Course Tools in the Control Panel, and then select Rubrics
  • On the Rubrics page, select Create Rubric
  • Type a title and optional description
  • Select Add Row to add a new criterion to the bottom of the grid.
  • Select Add Column to add a new level of achievement to the grid.
  • Choose a Rubric Type from the menu
  • Type a point or percentage value for each row and column
  • Type a description for the criteria and the associated level of achievement (each cell has a 1,000-character limit)
  • When you are finished creating your rubric, Select Submit.

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