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What does Gradescope do?

Gradescope enables electronic submission and marking of:

  • handwritten work
  • typed responses
  • formulae and diagrams
  • programming/code
  • multiple choice answers

Gradescope can be added to any Blackboard course area. Most Gradescope assignments are accessed through the Gradescope dashboard by both staff and students. Grades and feedback can be published within the Gradescope. Overall grades can also be pushed out to an associated column in the Blackboard Grade Centre.

Gradescope offers several different assignment types:

  • Homework/Problemset (which allows students to submit multiple pages or images in response to an assessment task).
  • Exam/Quiz (a worksheet style assessment, where staff create a question and answer template).
  • Bubble Sheet (used for paper based multiple choice questions which are then scanned and marked online).
  • Programming (for assignments using programming or code).
  • Online Beta assignment ( lets you create questions directly on Gradescope. Students will be able to log in and submit responses within the Gradescope interface)

The workflow that you  follow within Gradescope can vary depending on:

  1. Your chosen assignment type and the settings you select.
  2. Whether the responses will be student uploaded or instructor uploaded.

Find out information the different assignment types via the Gradescope website.

Below are some are some of the potential advantages and disadvantages of using Gradescope and a quick insight into the workflow.  You can find details of accessibility standards via the Gradescope website. You can also contact the e-Learning team for advice or book a support session via this link.


For further information check out the guidance in the pages below:

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Case Study

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