Producing Teaching Content

Can I use this text or this image? Issues of copyright for teaching resources

An image displaying the copyright symbol in the top left corner and the text 'copyright' in the bottom right corner.

Copyright of text and images used in teaching materials is a constant issue.  The rules around copyright can be quite complex, but the Library has come up with a set of resources and FAQs which explain the basics, covering text, re-use of images, and the various types of copyright licences.

You can also use Google to find usable images.  on the Google homepage, select  Images. Enter your search term, then under Tools, click on the dropdown Usage Rights tab and select Creative Commons licences. This will provide you with images which can be used under the various types of Creative Commons licences. Most flavours of licence require you to make an attribution to the source image. Details of how to do this can be found here: Use and remix: Creative Commons 

You can also use the Openverse (previously known as the Creative Commons Search Engine) to look for images which can be reused.