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Black Student Heritage Network

Black Heritage Student Network

What is the Black Heritage Student Network?

In April 2023 the Faculty worked with the central Access & Success Team to coordinate a Black heritage student focus group with a mix of 20+ attendees from across home / international, and all levels of study including UG, PGT and PGR. The overwhelming feedback from attendees was around a lack of regular contact with other Black students, the absence of Black networks within the faculty and a lack of visible Black role models during their time on programme at Manchester. Students discussed the benefits of a ‘Black Student Network’ within the faculty and were positive about the idea, although were explicit about the need for the involvement of Black heritage students in the set up to ensure it would meet the needs of the cohort.

Why have we created the FSE Black Heritage Student Network

Through conversations with students and staff, from the insights that came out of the focus group and from sector-wide research, the strong message was that there should be Black Heritage students from FSE involved in the set-up, delivery, development, and evaluation of a Black Student Network. In terms of progress to date FSE have appointed a lead for the network through our Students as Partners programme and they are compensated for their time. The lead role has been important in establishing the network alongside FSE staff. The Black Heritage Student network held their first event on the 29th of February 2024 at Oddfellows and a further event is happening on May 1st. Updates from this important initiative will be included in further newsletters.

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