student experience

Student Experience Action Fund

The Student Experience Action Fund is a new pot of money which all taught Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) students, including those on the Foundation Studies programme, can apply to for financial support to launch new projects or events which aim to improve the university experience of students in FSE and enhance feelings of belonging.  

Black Student Heritage Network

In April 2023 FSE staff conducted a focus group with Black Heritage students to understand their experiences at Manchester. One of the key initiatives to come from the group was the creation of a student-led network in FSE for Black heritage students. The network will provide regular opportunities for networking and socialising to increase belonging, aid transition into the university and facilitate progression.

Mid-Semester Survey Template

Running a mid semester survey can be an effective way to get useful feedback from students in a timely fashion, to assist anyone keen to adopt such an approach a Mentimeter template has been created with some suggested questions and settings. Staff are free to access this and customise the template to suit, obviously alternative formats and technologies can be used to achieve a similar results.

Tips on creating a Mid-Semester Survey

A standard practice across the University is to ask students for their feedback on a course unit at the end of the semester. This can be a frustrating arrangement for both Staff and Students as by the time feedback is available there is no opportunity to make any adjustments that may benefit the cohort providing the feedback.