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Animations and visualisations

A screenshot of an annotated video in which a scientific demonstration is explained.

The eLearning Team can help explain complex concepts with a combination of video and animation. Some examples are included below.

Knitting Machine Videos & Animations

These videos are designed to help students understand what is happening inside a knitting machine. These relatively simple concepts can be hard to grasp as what is being explained is hidden from view and moving at high speed.

The three main components are; video footage of the machine in use, annotated animations highlighting the principles and a voice over to provide context and further description.

Foundation Demonstrations

These scientific demonstrations are delivered in a laboratory in front of students but course tutors felt that students were ‘dazzled’ by the visual effects of the demonstrations and often some of the core scientific principles were not being absorbed by students.

These videos are designed to allow students to revisit these demonstrations and watch them at their own pace, the animations and annotations help re-enforce the key principles as with the above example often the key scientific principles are invisible to the eye or happen at great speed.