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When planning your teaching , you may be considering offering some of your labs or practicals online. This page includes a list of external interactive resources for a variety of subject areas. Have a look through the resources to see if any are relevant to your labs/practicals. If you have found additional resources that aren’t listed, please comment on the page below if you would like them to be added to this list.


A large collection of simulations for most science and engineering subject areas.

PhET Simulations

A collection of simulations for various subject areas (including Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Earth Science) put together by University of Colorado Boulder. Please note that some of the simulations which have been included are Flash, which is no longer supported in most browsers. For more information on Flash being discontinued, see here.


A collection of interactive Physics simulations.


Dynamic mathematics software for topics such as geometry, algebra, statistics, calculus, and more.


Simulations and virtual lab resources for Chemistry provided by Carnegie Mellon University.

Wolfram Demonstration Project

Collection of demonstrations for most science and engineering subject areas. Please note that you will have to download the Wolfram Player to run these simulations.

Open Source Physics

Large list of simulations for Physics.

Colarado School of Mines OERs

The Colorado School of Mines has put together a large list of simulations and virtual labs for subjects including Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Engineering, Maths, Earth and Environmental Sciences.


An Astronomy resource using the Sloan Digital Sky Server.


Virtual science labs for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Teach Chemistry Simulations

Simulations from the American Association of Chemistry Teachers. The relevance of these resources may vary depending on the level you are teaching.