Canvas Essentials: Quizzes

This article will compare Canvas Quizzes to Blackboard Tests. This is not intended to be a training piece; it is an overview of the features, giving you some ideas on how Canvas compares to Blackboard. Quizzes can be created in Canvas to support assessment and feedback. Quizzes can be used for formative and summative assessments […]

Canvas Essentials: Studio

Canvas Studio is a tool for uploading and sharing video content inside Canvas. Studio also has a built-in screen recording tool so you can create video messages, podcasts or any other screen recording within the tool itself. Both students and teaching staff have access to Studio. As you’d expect, Studio allows users to upload videos […]

Canvas Essentials: Discussions

Like Blackboard, Canvas has its own Discussions tool that enables discussions between the entire course unit cohort or a group. The basic functionality is not significantly different…

Blackboard Spring Clean

In this article, we will outline why you should undertake a thorough ‘spring clean’ of your Blackboard course units, what elements you should focus on and why it’s essential to prepare now for the move to Canvas.

Changes to our Central Learning Environment

There are some significant changes happening to our CLE over the next two years. The University has announced it has chosen Canvas as our new CLE.
Sooner than this, we are required to update Blackboard to Ultra Based Navigation which will be implemented until the CLE change.