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Case study: Mentimeter in FSE

Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that can be used to enhance both online and face-to-face sessions, allowing you to provide opportunities for interaction and monitor levels of engagement.

Staff and Students can sign up and access a full featured licence by following the information on this page.

What makes Mentimeter a useful tool for staff in FSE?

We asked staff using Mentimeter, if it is a a useful tool to support Teaching and Learning activities.

You can see from the poll results below, Mentimeter is not only useful as a tool to check understanding but it encourages students to participate in formative questioning, with a  particular benefit towards students who feel inhibited with engaging in social situations.

Menti users

As you might expect the most common question tool used for Mentimeter is the Multiple Choice Question, using a quick MCQ type test at the start of a lecture can help you gauge how much information from previous lectures has been retained by students.

I regularly use mentimeter to ask the students questions and conduct multiple choice quizzes in my lectures. It is a great way of interacting with large cohorts (~300 students) and ensuring every voice is heard! It’s a brilliant tool for formative assessment too – letting me know quickly in sessions what topics the students need to go over.

Jessica Boland, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

I used it mainly to engage the large cohort at the start of a synchronous session, but also to gauge the level of understanding from the week’s content via a very short multiple-choice quiz. As it was competitive (fastest correct answer wins pride points) and anonymous, everyone got involved. I was slightly apprehensive as it takes a block of time away from in-class problem solving, but student feedback suggests that it was an important addition: e.g. “various challenges and quizzes on mentimeter allowed us to test our knowledge in a very unique way” and “mentimeter made the lectures more interactive which was fun”.
Daniel Lee – Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

Word Cloud questions and Open Ended question types are a great way to solicit questions and thoughts from your students to help you construct a session that helps address issue relevant to their current level of understanding.

I use Mentimeter at the start of open-ended workshops to allow students to set the topics we’ll cover in the session.  Students complete a poll of their confidence in understanding the topics covered so far, and can also suggest questions or topics to cover.  We then discuss the answers and set a topic list for the remainder of the workshop that addresses the most common concerns.  Students get to tailor the content of the session to what they need, even in a large class, and I get a barometer of how well the cohort is following the detailed concepts.
Suzanne Embury – Reader in the Department of Computer Science 

Mentimeter can be used for both online and face-to-face teaching, with a majority of respondents in this survey saying Mentimeter had contributed to an improvement in their teaching and learning practices.

I use it for collecting answers to open ended questions in medium sized seminars, it enables everyone to participate and I can respond and discuss the answers collectively with the class as they pop up on screen.
Ruth Wood – Senior Lecturer in Environment and Climate Change