Author: Sarah Hewitt

Mathematical notation on the web – part 1

This article (part 1) is about displaying mathematical notation within web pages and discusses the problems and issues. Part 2 discusses a more recent solution which might appeal to those where mathematics is a core part of their teaching work.

Recording Blended Content – Video Assets

One of the main tasks with a blended learning approach is to produce blended learning material, we anticipate a large amount of this will be video content. This webpage details a list of resources that are available to help give your learning content a more professional touch.

Quick Tips: editing your Blackboard course space

Blackboard has powerful tools to help create engaging online spaces for your course units. As course units change you will need to adapt your Blackboard space accordingly. Use these quick tip videos to help you to make these changes to your Blackboard space.

Quick Guide to Screencasting – Powerpoint

Powerpoint has a screen recording tool that allows you to capture your screen and audio to create your online blended learning materials. This webpage details how you can do this.