T&L Development Programmes

Advance HE fellowships

Advance HE fellowships are formal, national qualifications recognising your teaching and learning practice. The award is highly regarded across the UK higher education sector and is increasingly being recognised by international institutions. In order to achieve an Advance HE fellowship, you will need to demonstrate your alignment to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

Within the Faculty, staff can access a number of fellowship pathways:

  • Colleagues who successfully complete the teaching elements of the NAP will be awarded Fellowship (FHEA) subject to their NAP portfolio meeting the requirements.
  • GTAs who complete the five core training modules can access the GTA fellowship pathway, providing support to attain Associate Fellowship (AFHEA)

All colleagues can access the Leadership in Education Awards Programme (LEAP). Through LEAP, you can apply for all levels of Advance HE fellowship: Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow. The programme and accompanying support is run centrally by the Institute of Teaching and Learning, but there are plenty of colleagues within FSE who are happy to have an informal chat about their own fellowship experiences if you want a bit more support.

If you need help deciding what level of fellowship to apply for, try Advance HE’s Fellowship Category Tool.

Case Studies: Applying for fellowship as a member of PS staff

Advance HE fellowships aren’t just for academic staff. Click the images below to hear from PS colleagues about their fellowship experiences and the opportunities that LEAP has given them.

Photograph of Fiona Lynch
Senior Fellowship: Fiona Lynch
Photo of Anest Valentine
Fellowship: Anest Valentine
Photo of Sarah Hewitt
LEAP Assessments: Sarah Hewitt