Assessment & Marking Training

Peer Scholar – Pilot

Peer Scholar has now replaced Eduflow, in Blackboard for conducting peer assessments. You can use Peer Scholar to create individual or group peer assessments.

FSE eLearning are currently testing out the tool and will put together staff guidance in due course.

Would you like to be involved in our Pilot?

We’re looking for any staff who are planning to use peer assessment in Semester 2 this year, or Semester 1 next year to be part of our pilot.

If you’re interested, please fill in this short form to register your interest.

What will happen next?

We’ll follow up with staff who register their interest for the pilot:

  • to discuss your requirements
  • look at whether Peer Scholar is suitable for your chosen assessments
  • support you with using Peer Scholar for your course

Why use a Peer assessment tool?

Students Peer Reviewing each other’s work can allow us to create better learning outcomes for students, while saving time on grading. Exposing students to each others work, alongside structured feedback prompts gives them chance to exercise critical thinking skills, creative thought, expressive communication and receptive communication, while not adding much to the time burden of our academics. 

For information on other peer assessment currently available within Blackboard, check out